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Vlogger Vs. Blogger

If you are planning to put your content or brand online, you might think what the best platform for me is? This can be a significant turning point, as this will be an essential factor in gaining opinions, exposure or even income from your content.
Blogging has been around since the beginning of the 2000s and is most recognized when you talk about it during a conversation. Compare that with Vlogging, a relatively new concept that is rapidly starting to take off. So keep on reading this article will make you know their differences.
Bogging and vlogging are very effective strategies for brands and individuals who want to generate the maximum amount of traffic for their websites.

Positive Points To Be A Blogger

In essence, blogs have a website where you share your publications or articles, which can consist of opinions, reviews, photos, travel, etc. Being a blogger is a significant way to reach an audience where you can have an online community to create. Take the Clout media, for example; we answer the Vloggers and YouTubers.
Blogging can be very rewarding because you share your experiences with others who are interested in the same topics.

The Pros And Cons Of Vlogging
As for blogs, you can also reach an audience that has the same interests. Even if they do not, they will still have a unique image of your world and your passion. When you go to YouTube, you can discover that Vloggers create video content from an infinite list of categories.

One of the significant disadvantages of being a Vlogger is that you can put your face in a video that has the potential to reach millions of people. This can be a huge obstacle to overcome if you are not used to being kicked out. However, this may be positive for some if you are sure that you are on the screen.
Yes, you can certainly earn money from blogs or vlogging. To do this, you need to link a Google Adsense account to your blog or youtube channel. All you need to have in mind is that you may not copy content on the web and add it to your blog or upload someone’s video to your channel or allow the Clout media to do so for you. You must create all the content on your blog or youtube channel. Also, do not click on ads on your blog or YouTube channel. Otherwise, your Google AdSense account will be turned off forever and you will not receive money.

Both platforms offer many benefits and functions to create content and reach a new audience. Vlogging is on the rise, so it is a perfect and stress-free way to start and spread your voice. But if you do not present your face to the camera, the blog is a good alternative.
Finally, look for bloggers and vloggers who ensure that they are fit to brand expectations.

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