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The Power of Instagram for Fashion Brands

Have you ever walked a busy street, seen a stranger in a beautiful outfit and wondered where he or she had bought him? It is the power of Instagram for fashion brands. Curious consumers should not ask themselves where an influencer has bought a sweater or skirt or tie; they have to look at the hashtags on the post.
In recent years, it has become vital for fashion companies and all brands, in general, to be present on social networks. Instagram has proven to be very useful in connecting big brands with people on a daily basis. By placing pictures of their clothing and, more importantly, behind the scenes, people can see photos of what they would not usually see.
Instagram has created an authentic and transparent way to spread messages from fashion brands without spammy or over-zealous marketing. An influencer tells his own story about the product in question and gives his familiar voice to fans to recognize and respond to.

Go beyond the Ad Blocker
According to the latest survey on PageFair, “615 million devices now use adblockers.” In other words, of these 615 million devices, consumers cannot see the ads that you have carefully created to display your latest fashion creations.
Instagram allows fashion brands to reroute their marketing strategies to circumvent adblockers.

Most passionate Instagram influencers have turn trendsetter in their own. Consumers do not always look at fashion magazines to know what to wear, especially when magazines are full of subjects they can not afford.
As a fashion brand, you can help influencers to define these trends. Your products become the stage dressing for significant changes in fashion movements, whether you are focused on haute couture or high street fashion.

Fashion, photography & voice
Some of the most potent Instagram influencers show off the trifecta of fashion brands: voice, photography and a keen sense of fashion. They understand how to put together an outfit by just looking at the items in their closet, and they know how to style a photo so that they look beautiful and show what they wear.
It’s difficult to find an Instagram influencer who boasts all three qualities on your own. That’s why it’s helpful to mine the gold from an influencer marketplace.

Using the Power of Instagram For Your Brand
Looking beyond numbers like follower count and high engagement can be a good start. For some inspiration, Clout media is one of the most prominent fashion and beauty influencers who could be speaking to the type of people you are looking to target. Clout media is an India beauty influencer and makeup artist, known for their hair and makeup tutorials. They’re big on both Instagram and YouTube, with roughly 10 million followers on both channels.

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