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Instagram vs. Youtube

Are you looking for your journey to become a brand of beauty, health or lifestyle? Most, if not all, brands are located on multiple social media platforms, of which YouTube and Instagram are the most popular.
Do you want to know the differences between Instagram and Youtube for your brand to move to the next level? This article goes more in-depth into these two platforms and compares Instagram and YouTube. By the time you finish reading, I am confident that you can select the right platform for your new starting brand. Let’s start.
What makes Instagram suitable for influencing marketing?
Promoted videos on YouTube are great, but they’re even better on Instagram. Not only can they be consumed rapidly, but you also have to spend less on the content. Stories on Instagram and live video are ideal for consumers who do not have time to watch long videos.
Currently, brand marketing on Instagram is worth over $ 1 billion. It is estimated that this market will cost $ 2 billion in 2019.
More than 800 million users are active on Instagram every month. For example, Instagram as a platform is beneficial for brands. A brand can earn more leads and customers if the content is relevant and visually appealing. It also increases the number of followers and the involvement of a brand.
What Makes Youtube Suitable For Influencer Marketing?
YouTube is the second most visited web page in the world and has more than 1.5 billion active users per month. YouTube videos are great resources for people who are interested in beauty, fitness, food, travel and more. These niches gain popularity every day.
Video marketing now accounts for almost three-quarters of internet traffic. YouTube is an incredible platform for high-quality content that is scalable, user-friendly and long-lasting. A sponsored YouTube video can, therefore, do wonders for your brand.
Of course, it costs you more than producing content for media such as Snapchat stories or Instagram stories. Snapchat and Instagram stories are volatile, although content creation is much cheaper than YouTube.
Is this reason suitable enough for your brand?

Finding Influencers on Both Platforms
Nowadays brands are much more active on YouTube or Instagram. Visual content is exceptionally fascinating and much more efficient than other forms of content. So, to get the best results, take advantage of brands such as Clout media on YouTube and Instagram.

Instagram versus YouTube – What to choose?
The benefits of YouTube
Good for boosting sales, especially when brands share product reviews with the purchase link in the video description.
The public can be effectively involved, and the results can easily be measured.
Videos have a long life, and you can even use them after the end of your campaign.
Excellent support for fashion, entertainment, gaming, beauty, and almost all brands.

The benefits of Instagram
Ideal for branding and to gain more visibility for relevant target groups.
The cost of creating content is lower than that of YouTube videos, but their lives are much shorter.
An excellent choice for brands in the areas of lifestyle, fitness, fashion, beauty, food, and travel.
Finally, YouTube and Instagram are great options for the promotion strategy for your brand. With YouTube videos, you can share more information with your target groups and extend their lives. Instagram content, although cheaper, can only be used to share limited information. However, Instagram can help you reach relevant target groups quickly and efficiently. Can you now see their comparison?

More importantly, make sure that these platforms can help you achieve the brand goals that you have in mind. And your relevant target group can be found on the platform you want to use for your campaign. Clout Media is a creative influencing marketing platform that can help you achieve all your brand goals.

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